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Ein sehr lesenswerter Beitrag auf Reddit, der nahezu perfekt ausdrückt, warum der 13. Doktor für mich und viele andere Fans nicht funktioniert. Das Gute: Es kann nur besser werden. Augen zu und durch!

Where to begin… 13 is a nothing doctor. She had no concrete personality or goals, apart from „fair play throughout the universe“ which is the most vague, uninspired and overall irrelevant mantra the Doctor has ever had. Coming off of the back of the morally conflicted, guilt-ridden and logical 12, her personality is utterly flavourless in comparison. I know to some people her no nonsense, all good guy approach is a breath of fresh air after 12’s long deliberation on whether or not he was a good man, but to me it just seems like all the intriguing and relatable parts of the Doctor have been torn out, replaced with this watered down „I do my best“ character.

The Doctor has always had moments of being in the morally grey, he’s practically the master of it. It’s how he’s able to command so much fear from his enemies and respect from his allies. It’s also far more compelling morally to have someone do something controversial in service of good, rather than them just doing the right thing all the time and having things go their way anyway. The only reason why 12’s speech on kindness and his sacrifice at the end of Series 10 was so powerful, was because we as an audience saw the build-up to it. He wasn’t good by default, he had to develop his moral code. 13 was just born perfect and right and would never hurt a fly, to point where I’m struggling to picture her as the Doctor at all. Is this the person who can topple empires? Is this the person I’ve been following for ten series? Because it certainly doesn’t feel like it. It feels like this her first time doing any of this ever. She always perfectly composed, she never loses her cool, she never loses it. Not even when she’s confronting a Dalek does she go beyond slightly annoyed or sightly snarky. THAT’S YOUR LIFELONG ENEMY, EMOTE AT LEAST!

She has zero presence. I don’t wether it’s her costume with those stupid bracers or the oversized coat, or her short and unassuming stature, or her bored shopkeeper accent, or her juvenile lines – „start with the mysteries of the heart“? seriously?! – but whatever the case, she doesn’t stand out in a scene, at all. She’s not like 11, who could own any scene they gave him, or 9 whose quiet fury encompassed the moment more than words ever could, or 10 with his frantic energy. She’s just this flat cardboard cut out of someone pretending to be the Doctor, with none of the complexities, the shades of grey that made the Doctor unpredictable. She’s just trundled along with her gaspy performance and lack of gravitas by other characters. She’s just become a side character in her own show.

She’s never challenged in any meaningful way, she never exhibits any signs of real stress or panic, she never does anything controversial, she’s never the one losing anything. She’s just there. The only thing that makes her unique from the other Doctors is the fact that she’s played by a female actress, and even then they do practically nothing with it because they were too afraid to go the full mile. Imagine if they cast someone like Tilda Swinton in the role, someone who isn’t absolutely photogenic 100% of the time, someone who could act like an alien rather than a receptionist. This first ever female doctor would have been a mix of Mary Poppins and Willy Wonka, but because Chibnall thought that having a female doctor was controversial enough he forgot to make her interesting.


Loquatorious in /r/doctorwho

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